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    good and speedy

    The FAST Issue: Dinner recipes for varying degrees of “so freaking busy!”


    well! look who’s ONE…

    Le Sauce Magazine is ONE YEAR OLD with this issue. And looking back, I will freely confess, I severely underestimated, oh, everything.


    simple appeal.

    Recipes just simple enough to be fully appreciated.



    A new issue of Le Sauce Magazine is out, but it’s only for some of us…


    Sri Lankan 101

    A new, very special issue of Le Sauce Magazine.

    toasts LS

    home toast at high noon

    Because shaving, drizzling, sprinkling, melting, and drizzling down your chin–all the decadence belonging to the home toast experience-is gross and unwelcome at the office.

    fried mushroom rice bowl

    fried mushroom rice bowl

    Un-sauced, uncomplicated comfort in a bowl. Best served with art.

    non-gadget gadgets

    great gadgets: non-gadgets! my go-to kitchen pieces

    I wanted to recommend a list of gadgets to make cooking easier and more enjoyable every day. But I realized that the things I reach for are the simplest, most ordinary things.

    egg hoppers and sambols

    hoppers & egg hopppers

    A rice-flour pancake made special with the addition of eggs and a beautiful, covetable, lacy crust.


    how (not) to throw a dinner party

    Learn from my many mistakes.


    dad’s deviled tofu

    A vegan twist on my dad’s most famous chicken recipe.

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    tip: if you don't have a mixer, you can whip egg whites in a food processor. yep. our tired arms wish we knew that earlier.