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    simple salad with avocado caper dressing

    simple salad with avocado caper dressing

    The time the avocado spends in the dressing makes the dressing more luscious. And you get to finish that email…

    spanish potatoes chickpeas LS

    spanish-style potatoes and chickpeas

    Heat, salt, fat, booze. Tapas is my spirit animal.



    Why you need mallum, a big, fresh, slightly crunchy flurry of greens, over a bowl of rice and dark curry.

    briny garlic cucumbers LS

    briny garlic cucumbers

    I did this whole thing where I “made” a recipe. And then I realized way after it seemed pretty damn familiar.

    sour chili peanuts LS

    sour chili peanuts

    These are just toasted peanuts in a little sauce. Not the star of the show but a fine little thing to eat between bites.

    big brunch LS

    brunch, big & small

    Ideas for brunch at home for one, many, big events or Sunday hangovers.

    rhubarb strawberry galette LS

    rhubarb strawberry galette

    You’ll spend roughly five minutes on the filling, five on making the dough and five on assembly… eat (some!) ice cream while you wait for this to bake.

    picnic LS

    the best laid (picnic) plans

    Just a few idea on how to build the best picnic ever.

    non-gadget gadgets

    great gadgets: non-gadgets! my go-to kitchen pieces

    I wanted to recommend a list of gadgets to make cooking easier and more enjoyable every day. But I realized that the things I reach for are the simplest, most ordinary things.

    july paella LS

    early summer paella

    P is for pretty paella pan. And if we’re being honest, when I bought my crimson paella pan with the swirly handles…well I didn’t even know it was a paella pan. Yep. I just thought it looked nice and I had a vision of it sitting crimson and pristine in my dining room, and was […]

    grand central market

    happening now in (and around) LA

    My favourite new and new-to-me spots from my last, delicious trip to LA.


    creamy kale salad

    People who make this one, make is constantly. CONSTANTLY.


    how (not) to throw a dinner party

    Learn from my many mistakes.

    caramel flan

    caramel flan

    My mom JUST found her mother’s flan recipe! Except, she didn’t…

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