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    Introducing…Le Sauce Magazine


    simple salad with avocado caper dressing

    simple salad with avocado caper dressing

    The time the avocado spends in the dressing makes the dressing more luscious. And you get to finish that email…

    big brunch LS

    brunch, big & small

    Ideas for brunch at home for one, many, big events or Sunday hangovers.

    pan con tomate LS

    pan con tomate

    This is about a vehicle that can support ripe tomato pulp and nectar to deliver its essence without the intrusion of skin or bread that’s turned to mush.

    late summer stew LS

    go-to meal: late-summer stew

    Couldn’t be bothered + didn’t want to clean + ran out of time + mixed with late-summer vegetables = my latest go-to meal.

    goto meal greens and pasta LS

    go-to meal: sauteed greens with summer-ripe tomato pasta

    You expect that this is a very satisfying meal, I hope, since how else could a “go-to” become one. You also gather that you should be drinking lots wine with this dinner, right? Good.

    a late summer meal

    summer plates and the send-off salad: watermelon + halloumi

    If you think you need to pay tribute to a great summer before it’s gone, and to enjoy a meal that is decidedly summer before diving into squash pasta or a heap of leaves, this will be the perfect send-off salad for you too.

    picnic LS

    the best laid (picnic) plans

    Just a few idea on how to build the best picnic ever.

    non-gadget gadgets

    great gadgets: non-gadgets! my go-to kitchen pieces

    I wanted to recommend a list of gadgets to make cooking easier and more enjoyable every day. But I realized that the things I reach for are the simplest, most ordinary things.

    grand central market

    happening now in (and around) LA

    My favourite new and new-to-me spots from my last, delicious trip to LA.


    blue-grey semifreddo

    I’ve been shut out of the homemade ice cream party for too long, and I’ve been a little bitter about it. There are some great artisan ice cream shops nearby, but someone will tweet about their homemade black sesame ice cream and my toes will curl in excitement and then in jealousy. For one thing, […]


    how (not) to throw a dinner party

    Learn from my many mistakes.


    early summer paella

    I’ve finally found a vegetarian paella recipe that lives up to my expectations.

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