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    The APPETIZERS Issue

    On the menu: uncomplicated, truly appetizing pre-dinner bites.



    A new issue of Le Sauce Magazine is out, but it’s only for some of us…



    All of my favourite things from BBQ to POUTINE, sandwiched into this issue.

    thanksgiving LSmag

    The THANKSGIVING Issue…and the PLAN!

    How to not completely ruin Thanksgiving!


    Sri Lankan 101

    A new, very special issue of Le Sauce Magazine.

    big brunch LS

    brunch, big & small

    Ideas for brunch at home for one, many, big events or Sunday hangovers.

    parsnip pecorino soup LS

    parsnip pecorino soup

    One December day in New York, on the first real snow day of the winter, I went to M. Wells Dinette at MoMA PS1. It was cold enough outside that I passed over the things I probably should have ordered when dining somewhere that the food is so special. I ordered roasted roots: roasted carrots […]

    garlic, sichuan pepper broccoli + rice noodles LS

    softened garlic and broccoli with sichuan pepper

    You may already have discovered how well broccoli’s poufs (how the tops are referred to in professional circles) suck up sauce. They suck up flavoured oil really well too, in this case one that’s been hanging out with garlic and tongue-numbing Sichuan peppercorns. And rice noodles, they do the same thing. Put them together and […]

    go to: mexican pot beans LS

    go-to meal: mexican pot beans and all the fixings

    I should have been making a big pot of beans once weekly for my whole working life instead of more complicated meals and wondering why I’m always eating dinner at 10pm.

    non-gadget gadgets

    great gadgets: non-gadgets! my go-to kitchen pieces

    I wanted to recommend a list of gadgets to make cooking easier and more enjoyable every day. But I realized that the things I reach for are the simplest, most ordinary things.

    lscoverRED (p)

    Introducing…Le Sauce Magazine


    grand central market

    happening now in (and around) LA

    My favourite new and new-to-me spots from my last, delicious trip to LA.


    how (not) to throw a dinner party

    Learn from my many mistakes.

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