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    posole LS


    See the colour of that broth? That tiny tinge of red comes from the rusty chili powder and vibrant chipotle in adobo. HEAT. The rich brown comes from a bottle of dark ale, smoky and DEEP in flavour. It’s a demure-looking bowl but this is not a subtle dish despite the mild hominy that takes […]

    soft scented spinach LS

    soft, scented spinach (and rice)

    I can vouch for its gentleness on an upset stomach and it’s ability to fortify, but I hope you simply enjoy this in good health.

    toasts LS

    home toast at high noon

    Because shaving, drizzling, sprinkling, melting, and drizzling down your chin–all the decadence belonging to the home toast experience-is gross and unwelcome at the office.

    picked salad with eggs LS

    pickled salad with eggs

    I chose radishes and yellow pepper for one reason: pretty. Feel free to choose other non-watery, crunchy vegetables.

    an april showers menu

    an april showers menu

    It’s spring, in theory, but it’s that cold, damp, early part. This is dinner now: lighter pasta, changed-up salad, a sweet treat and a drink that looks forward to full-fledged spring ahead.

    meat-free amatriciana LS

    meat-free “amatriciana”

    Vibrant, salty, spicy, it’s perhaps, the boldest meat-free pasta you’ve made, and hopefully, a pretty good spin on Amatriciana.

    non-gadget gadgets

    great gadgets: non-gadgets! my go-to kitchen pieces

    I wanted to recommend a list of gadgets to make cooking easier and more enjoyable every day. But I realized that the things I reach for are the simplest, most ordinary things.

    black rice and ramp risotto

    black rice and ramp risotto

    Risotto? Who doesn’t love? Ramps? Delicious. But I confess, I’m sweet on this recipe because it’s simply striking.

    the varnish

    L.A. & palm springs

    Here are my 101 reasons to go west, and to PLEASE, take me with you.


    how (not) to throw a dinner party

    Learn from my many mistakes.

    caramel flan

    caramel flan

    My mom JUST found her mother’s flan recipe! Except, she didn’t…

    better easter eggs

    easter eggs

    For once you actually want turmeric to stain your things.

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    tip: if you don't have a mixer, you can whip egg whites in a food processor. yep. our tired arms wish we knew that earlier.