over-the-top chutney and cheese sandwich

(…and a farewell to summer!)

cheese & chutney sandwich

i made this sandwich almost exactly a year ago! i stumbled across the recipe, dated sunday, october 14, 2007, as i looked for a nice recipe to share with you. it fit the bill–something filling and rich, something just right for cooler fall afternoons. but first…

zucchini blossoms

indulge me while i take one laaaaast look at summer. the weather this past weekend was probably the last hint of summer that any of us on the east-coast will see for a while. 

backyard at night!

it was so unusually warm and sunny for a day in october, that i got to dine al fresco in my backyard one last time. which i was so happy to do, since i barely got to enjoy summer this year. i was too busy trying to buy the house i finally moved into about a month ago. but thanks to my parents' hard work, i was kept in constant supply of the best of summers' foods: fresh, organic, home-garden-grown herbs, zucchini blossoms, chard and most of all…tomatoes.

bowl of home-grown heirlooms

like many, i cherish the small window in the year when it rains ripe tomatoes. and when it comes, i find a way to eat them almost every day. let me count the ways…

heirloom tomato bruschetta almost-greek salad

it takes seconds to top some fresh bread with tomatoes, basil, maldon salt and a worthy olive oil. and only a minute more to add cucumbers, olives, feta and a dressing of oil, red wine vinegar, oregano and lemon to make a greek-like salad. and with just a little more time and a couple more ingredients, a fulfilling savoury main dish is born.

orangette/louia's stuffed tomatoes



i wish i'd had known about this great and easy recipe earlier. i obeyed orangette's orders and made this tasty stuffed tomato dish before the tomato window closed.

but it's time to move on to heartier fare! and hearty is a great way to describe this cheese and chutney sandwich. plain cheese & chuntney sandwiches are tasty on their own, but the richness of avocado, and the crunch and tartness of the pickled shallots add a great dimension to every bite. the sun-dried tomatoes add texture and of course, lots of flavour. i had the same idea in mind with this salad combination: buttery beans, tart olives and the crunch of fresh onions this time. lots going on in these two recipes.

cheese & chutney sandwich w: arugula, white bean salad

over-the-top chutney, cheese sandwich

2 slices of rye bread or other hearty bread

1 tbs of mango chutney

thick slice of niagara gold cheese, or any firm cheese you love

2 sundried tomatoes in oil

sliced avocado

3 pickled shallots, sliced


spread a layer of chutney on each slice of bread. fill with the remaining ingredients.



arugula and white bean salad

2 cups of baby arugula

1/4 cup of canned white beans, rinsed

a handful of pitted niscoise olives


for dressing:

1 tbs shallots, minced

1tsp champagne or white wine vinegar

1/8 tsp dijon mustard




toss arugula, beans and olives in a bowl. combine shallots, oil, vinegar, mustard and salt and pepper to taste. whisk well and add dressing to salad.


serves one hungry person

note: have any fried chilis around? or any pickled banana peppers? a bite of either of those and a bite of the sandwich… (and repeat…) …perfect together!