a random bite of sushi (marche)

sushi marche 

"a random bite" is the other non-recipe addition to the blog that i mentioned i'd be making. it really will be a random (something i ate, read, saw or craved recently), and bite-sized post, but i'm excited about it because there are so many things i know i want to share here.

i bought the house i currently live in from a foodie-acquaintance (small world) and i inherited a small but reliable bunch of take-out flyers. one was for a place called sushi marche on queen st. east in toronto, and the flyer had pretty impressive reviews printed on it. hi! the chef, john lee, trained under masaharu morimoto–possibly my favourite iron chef! 

first, look how gorgeous…with gooseberries, shiso leaves, lime and a pretty flower, instead of, you know, plastic grass. and it actually tasted even better than it looked. i once read that a sushi chef should be judged by how well their tamago (egg) sushi is because that would show skill in flavouring, cooking, and attention to all parts of the menu. we savoured the tamago sushi and every other well-prepared taste and texture too.