(the former) hank's mushroom sandwich

a random bite of hank’s

hank's mushroom sandwich and waldorf salad

hank’s (jamie kennedy’s new restaurant in his old location on church st.) has been open for less than…2 months(?) i think. yet i’ve managed to go there 4 times now, even though i bring my lunch to work almost every day. i like a good thing when i find it, so on the odd day that i’m at work without provisions from home, i’ve been running straight to hank’s. actually, on my first visit, i went for the coffee that the reviewers were impressed with. not only fair trade, it was “direct to farm” (fair trade plus!) kind of what you’d expect from jk.
but it was my first lunch from there (pictured above) that impressed me the most. i had the mushroom sandwich, which, if i remember correctly, consists of mushrooms in a red wine marinade, with a smoked cheese, green onion spread, sun-dried tomatoes on an artisan bread. the filling was as flavourful as it sounds and the texture was great too–really juicy mushrooms and a creamy spread. and it comes with super-cute, light and perfectly crisp potato chips! plus i ordered their delicious waldorf salad (when was the last time you had one of those?) delightful.