a bientot, paris

paris as seen from the pompidou

what a couple of weeks. what i will remember most about paris from this trip, i think… are the rooftops and the color pallet of the city. i love the glowing lights in the windows of the beige buildings with slate peaked roofs. i think the view from any height in paris is automatically beautiful because of them…

fresh oranges

and the fresh fresh food…

le chateaubriand

and the stylish young women with their great shoes and cute young boys like the servers here at le chateaubriand…

james and the golden head

but none nearly as cute as my travel companion, seen here pretending to pick the nose of this statue at les jardins luxembourg.

tasting the beat of my salad dressing

and the last thing i ate in france? an airport salad with a dressing called "lola fun" (nothing to do with the flavour whatsoever). good times all around.