dill and thyme for dinner

a random saturday dinner

dill and thyme for dinner
how do you deal with a whole lot of dill and thyme that are about to go bad in your fridge? add them to absolutely everything you can think of. thyme and balsamic portobello mushrooms, salad with lemon and dill dressing, roast potatoes with dill and a yogurt and dill sauce.
dill roasted potatoes
dill and yogurt sauceroasted (to death) king oyster mushrooms
oh yes, and how do you waste 3 perfectly good king oyster mushrooms? throw them in the oven and walk away for 35 minutes. i sliced up the king mushrooms (on the far right) and tossed them with oil and (guess..) thyme, and the slices that weren’t burned were fantastic. concentrated flavour and still a firm but silky texture. too bad that accounted for 4 slices. the rest were shriveled up and tough, and what started out as $6 or 2 cups of meaty mushrooms ended up as, oh, about 1/4 cup. oh well. three of them down but still one to go, in a recipe coming up tomorrow!