a sunday snack

a random sunday snack

my sunday snack

how i enjoyed this weekend…let me count the ways. my good friends were in town and they stayed with us, they brought their wii and wii fit(!), we had good food and good wine. and now that they’ve gone, i get to make my way through the leftovers, starting with this plate of cheese and olives and some pino gris.

i never would have thought to add olives to the cheese and wine…not before having a drink at the pompidou in paris a couple of weeks ago. i ordered a glass of rose at the roof-top bar and i, unlike those who ordered other drinks, was presented with some very mild, meaty green olives, just like the cerignova olives pictured here. it was a surprisingly good match. the olives weren’t too tart, and just a little salty. the slightly sweet wine and the olives kind of pushed and pulled each other. that experience, and having green olives in simmering tagines that week, reminded me how great green olives are. i used to know that, but i’ve been passing them up for black olives for years. i have a lot of time to make up for…

cerignova olives, goat gouda, blue and havarti