la grande epicerie de la bonne marche

the last time i stayed in paris, i stayed in the 7th–a very nice area, only two minutes on foot from la grande epicerie of the bon marche. imagine the biggest, craziest department store devoted to french food and drink, and supporting products from around the world.

moet a la grand epicerie

this is a moet et chandon display. display. like they paid to create this promotion i would imagine. because they actually have a LOT of competition in france. i don't have to tell you how extensive the wine and spirits section of this store is. there is a section devoted to dom perignon with bottles as expensive as 1700 euro. and as low to the ground and unprotected enough for a yahoo like me to knock over while turning a corner. i got the hell away from them a second after coming face to face with them.

walll 'o vinegar
pastas galore

les boites d'eau
hello kitty in the bonne house

here are the sections devoted to mineral water and truffles and caviar (on the right). unfortunately, you can't really make out the hello kitty food and drink display to the left of the caviar. but trust me, it's there.