live from our kitchen….james vs. the clock


6.09 on the oven clock…no sign of life in the kitchen. guests due in 51 minutes. james is not even home from work. i wonder if he's worried yet…

UPDATE 6.35…he knew what he was doing when he made the ragu last night. it was easy enough that he could have pulled it together in 20 mins and then let it simmer. but clearly he doesn't have 20 mins. i'm nice so i took it out of the fridge and i may put it into a pot. but that's it! no more help.
P1020418 P1020421

UPDATE 6.37…he's home! here's a picture of him running into the house, past me, straight to the kitchen. and on the right, him pouring ragu into the pot WHILE TALKING ON THE PHONE. now he's just getting cocky…



UPDATE 7.32…guests are here. i got cheese and olives out and set the dinner table. james is currently in the living room sitting between two ladies sipping a beer. i don't know how he did it.

UPDATE 7.56…one guest is running behind so now james appears to all as if he had dinner ready early. i am slightly annoyed. i've never ever had my hair brushed before a guest arrived.

and finally…

UPDATE 10.45

P1020438 P1020449

james' ragu and polenta was a hit–delicious and satisfying. the green salad with blood orange vinaigrette was perfectly balanced, and the homemade chocolate chip cookies were, well, homemade cookies. now we're watching pre-recorded 30-rock. a virtually perfect evening. they make it look so easy. hmph.