paris day 7: street crepes + more tagine! (le progres, the 404, andy wahloo)

ok, this picture makes it look as if i actually found this crepe on the street. not really, but i did get it at a questionable crepe stand at the st. ouen (le puces) flea market in paris. nevertheless, it was freshly made and delicious: egg and cheese in a savoury buckwheat crepe. 



i know these photos are not food-related but i was so impressed with this paris flea market that i had to share some of it with you. the market covers entire blocks, with actual streets running through it, and there are hundreds of stalls carrying everything from antique fabrics, jewellery, books and high-end furniture (pictured), to the more expected french tableware, linens and cheap jeans and sneakers.

le progres

after spending the afternoon there and then frantically racing through the marais to get to some stores before they closed in the evening, we settled into the very happening heated outdoor cafe-front of le progres for a glass of wine. or two. that night we were actually targeting another north-african restaurant, trying for either 404, but with no reservations, or chez omar which doesn't take any. we totally lucked out at 404, taking the only available spot at just the right time, in an otherwise packed restaurant. they've gotten great reviews for food but atmosphere too and i can see why. it was a really nice space, very cozy but younger than l'homme bleu and louder. very good couscous again, and my second awesome mint tea (not the last).

couscous and olives
mint tea

andy wahloo
bar at andy wahloo

and having been to 404, we had to try their sister bar next door "andy wahloo" which apparently was very cool at some point. not anymore or not last weekend anyway. what can i find that's nice too say…cool lighting.