a random bite of broccoli sprouts

the fact that i've been able to keep this thing alive for almost 3 weeks is amazing. it says a lot about the resiliency of this plant over the many others i can kill just by looking at them, or even when i'm really trying to do everything right. but even though i've mowed through half of the broccoli sprouts since taking the picture above, the razed area is starting to sprout again.

sprouts on salad

that means i can continue to throw a ton of these fresh, healthy sprouts onto my salads or sandwiches or rice bowls whenever i want. and, honestly, that's not as often as it should be, which is why i used to end up throwing out sprouts that had gone bad in my fridge. i hate throwing out food. this is a much better alternative. if you're lucky enough to live somewhere near, say, uncle george's place at the st. lawrence market in toronto like i do, and can buy living, potted sprouts (or can grow your own…who are you people??) then i highly recommend you do. cheaper, healthier, tastier. and none of the guilt that comes from killing a bamboo plant despite giving it water AND love. (some things just take and never give…) 

broccoli sprouts on heirloom lettuces