le sauce soft-boiled eggs

a random bite of soft-boiled eggs

soft-boiled egg w/ chive and jalapeno bread spears

soft-boiled eggs always seems so fancy. don't they? i mean they require special serving pieces like an egg cup and a little spoon or specially carved toast. i find myself reserving them for when i have "time" to have a leisurely breakfast. but they're really so easy to make–after some trial and error that is. if i don't use exactly this one method of making them, i screw it up every time. either the eggs break in the pot (too cold for the water) or i really overcook them (the cold-eggs-into-cold-water-brought-to-a-boil-together method). so now i let the eggs come up to room temperature, then gently lower them into boiling water for exactly 4 minutes (thanks for that tip, nigella).

soft-boiled eggs for two

and because i had a few extra minutes and a leftover jalapeno and some chives, i chopped them up for dipping buttered bread spears into. see?? fancy! ok, not really, but more special than everyday eggs to me.

all this talk of eggs has me thinking about…more eggs. years ago i followed a recipe for a crazy way to make "fried" eggs that i have to share with you. i will try it out soon and take some pictures to show you—trust me, you will want to try it yourselves immediately! stay tuned! 

eggs in carton