zaru soba
there’s a little, unassuming restaurant called sakawaya that makes traditional and fantastic japanese food. i will gush about them in detail another time, and focus for now on my recent take-out order from there. to start: zaru soba. because i actually took this to lunch the next day, i just piled everything into my bowl (and no, i didn’t eat even half of the wasabi). usually, the only thing served on the noodles are the nori strips, and the scallions and wasabi are mixed into the dipping broth. but it’s damn good eaten this way too.
the tofu you see off to the side really is the best tofu i’ve ever eaten–consistently. it’s silken tofu fried and dressed in a sweet, sticky sesame sauce that makes my head explode. it’s perfectly cooked with a really thin crunchy shell around silky hot tofu. as for the sauce…i have to find out what exactly is in it the next time i eat there, but i’m starting to think sesame is my new favourite flavour. expect an “i love you, sakawaya” and more japanese food posts very soon.