crunchy fried egg on salad

a random bite of crunchy fried eggs

in a recent post, i promised to share an interesting way to make fried eggs. strange as they may look, they taste just like the fried eggs we all love, with the same soft gooey yolk, but with the added bonus of a crisp, crunchy outside. it’s not what i crave when i want fried eggs for breakfast, but they are perfect on a green salad with a classic french dressing. that’s one of the serving suggestions in michael roux’s book eggs, where i learned about this method.

(deep) frying eggs crunchy fried eggs on salad

i took these photos last weekend, to show you how to make this recipe…how to slowly lower the eggs into the hot oil and quickly fold the whites over top, and then…

michel roux's "eggs"
…i JUST discovered that you can view the author himself making these crunch fried eggs on martha stewart’s show right here!  he’s fantastic and so is this method. check out this tutorial and try them! if you do, please let me know how it turns out and especially what you ate them with. i’m trying to think of non-salad menus that could feature these eggs. right now i’m falling back on my defaultrice and eggs. nothing wrong with that, but i think there’s something special waiting for these crunchy fried eggs. let me know if you find it!