first bbq at our house (apr2609)

i love you, spring + outdoor grilling +…halloumi again!

first barbeque at our house! (apr2609)
ok if you’re wearing a heavy jacket to barbeque, perhaps spring hasn’t entirely sprung…but these evenings we’re saying “close enough!” that’s poor james standing over an entirely too cold charcoal “fire” trying to get our kabobs to char damnit! i took the picture from our second-floor deck, and then ran back inside to the warmth of the house. but we’re jumping the gun out of excitement. i think james really likes the tiny little grill we just bought this weekend and was eager to put it to use, and i am really really excited about having dinners made over an open fire–and getting to dine al fresco! sure, i had a little balcony in my old condo, which i did  make use of. but sitting virtually ON king street isn’t exactly enjoyable after more than 5 minutes. plus having a backyard with a table and chairs means getting to have friends and family over to dine outside with you and i can’t wait for that. having moved at the tail end of summer last year, we only got to enjoy that experience a couple of times.
vegetables and halloumi on the grill
reason # 4080 to get excited: i get to pick up my love affair with halloumi! i sort of restrain myself from using halloumi in the colder months because i love it best straight off the barbeque. so of course it was one of the first things i threw on the grill this weekend. and can i just say again that…
veg halloumi kebabs on wild rice with dill yogurt and black olives
halloumi on the grill is SO.DAMN.GOOD. james marinated it along with the vegetables in an oregano, olive oil and garlic dressing, and we ate the grilled pieces on wild rice with a yoghurt dill sauce and some black olives. if i ate this every night of the summer, i would be so happy about it. eating this last night, i felt total appreciation…good ingredients, great flavours, made with love. i couldn’t get any luckier!