white wine braised fennel and endive, with blue cheese


On one, maybe even two trips to Paris, I was vegetarian. Even without the escargot, terrines, patés or tartares, I ate fabulously well. There were still the truffles, soufflés, croissants and baguettes, cèpes, aligot and all the good cheese and wine I could want, after all. But one of the things I enjoyed most was a simple, braised endive dish I was served on one of those trips. Braising brings out the best in endives–they caramelize during the sear and soften with a quick stew, and because they’re hardy, there’s still a ton of texture after all the cooking. I obsessed about that dish until I finally made it at home and I think I replicated it fairly well. If you hate blue cheese, use a brie, but if you’re just not a huge fan of blue, give it a try here anyway. It’s subtle but with the endive and wine, it’s perfect.

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