a random bite of dukem ethiopian

so james and i are hooked on the new hbo show "the #1 ladies detective agency" but we somehow managed to miss the season finale last sunday! it's ok. we'll be watching it on demand tomorrow, and for the second week in a row, james plans to make a a traditional african meal to celebrate…

perhaps it will be truer to botswanan cuisine than what he procured for the last episode.after running out of time to cook that night, and ignoring the fact that botswana is in south africa, he procured very north african ethiopian food. can't say i minded. we've been meaning to eat at dukem which is so close to our house for months. it turned out that our first taste would be in the form of take-out–and it was great. i am always shocked at how much injera resembles sri lankan hoppers and almost all of the vegetarian food at ethiopian restaurants reminds me of sri lankan specialties. i wonder how they can be so similar. one day i'll have to post side-by-side pictures of the foods i'm thinking of. 

and i will definitely have to post a picture of this african fare being served up tomorrow! i will simply be in charge of making the "bush tea" (rooibos) which they refer to on the show constantly. i wish more scenes included food! hbo, can you hear me?