a random bite of mango with cayenne pepper


a small tweak can make a big difference. i love mangos just as they are, but i wouldn't sit down to a whole bowl of them. that is until i tried them "my mom's way": sprinkled with a little cayenne pepper, salt and the lightest pinch of sugar. mix the mango pieces well to evenly distribute the seasonings and even those who claim not to love mango will eat this. like, all of it, without you noticing. and you'll go to the kitchen later looking forward to having more but there's none left… (not cool, james! not cool.)

this works well with sliced green apples too. that's my mom's favourite way to eat apples and for some reason, also something my cousins seem to crave when they're expecting babies. but one you try it, you may find the craving striking the baby-less among you too!