a random sip of tea

matcha and black tea

i'm not really "feeling" coffee lately. the timing is weird since i live so close to the only's great new cafe "the one" and have been stalking jk's newish cafe, hank's. both have great baristas and serve direct-to-farmer organic coffees. what's not to like? but now coffee feels sort of heavyto me. just…like, too much.i can barely get through a small latte on the rare saturday morning that i grab one now. i blame matcha. 

morning matcha ritual matcha whisk

recently i switched from black tea on weekday mornings to matcha green tea–mostly to reduce my dependancy on caffeine but also because matcha's supposed to be super good for you, right? so now i look forward to black tea on the weekends instead of a latte. plus, i totally crave tea the morning after…um…too much wine. coffee may wake me up but having tea when i'm a little cloudy on sundays makes me feel a little cleaner. 

the tea i'm setting my sights on this summer is mint tea. i want to perfect that and with a mint shrub going crazy in the backyard, i can practice non-stop. BUT, if you know anywhere that i can enjoy an authentic glass of it in toronto, tell me? thanks! xo