focusing on the beauty


the last few months have been trying and this weekend was even worse. i like to fix problems, to take action to make things better. but once in a while, i have no idea where to start. i feel helpless. i think the best thing i can do right now is recharge. take in something good and maybe eventually i can give something good back.


i often feel the most grateful when eating. how lucky am i to be able to eat something totally real, clean, and healthy?


i also feel lucky to know certain things about foods. about what foods you simply can't wash chemicals off. why it's worth extra to eat certain organic foods or choose something else to eat.


and mostly to have always had enough food. and water. clean clean water. which should not be made a commodity. which has to remain free for everyone and which has to be able to reach everyone.


i don't take it for granted, how lucky i am. i wish everyone, every single person, were as safe as i am.