the beginning of great things!

mache and lemon thyme seedlings

i was so excited to be at the farmer's market today, for the first time this year. sure, the dufferin grove market is open year-round, but i live far from it now and the markets around me only open in late may. so it was a special mission that took me to all the way to the duff market today…vegetable gardening! tis the big weekend coming up, after all, so james and i bought about 1/3 of what i hope we will plant this season. all of our purchases were from urban harvest today. the picture above is especially for my friend, lulu, who loves mache as much as i do, and is newly in love with lemon thyme. but what i am SO excited about that i can't stand it is…

strawberry seedlings

WILD STRAWBERRIES. i was 32 and visiting budapest before i had my first taste of wild strawberries. why didn't someone tell me there was something that actually tasted the way strawberry shortcake's hair smelled? super-concentrated strawberry goodness in a baby-berry package. i can't wait for these to grow. the price of these was higher than the more typical alpine strawberries, and i was told the yield would be smaller but i don't care. can.not.wait.

tomato sauce seedlings

and then, there are the plants i brought with a promise. while i plan on planting many heirloom tomatoes to grow and eat straight, raw, plainly, often…these 3 plum tomato plants i bought with the goal of finally jarring tomatoes or sauces at the end of this summer. the san marzanos were what i was after, but the sellers both thought that the opalka sauce tomatoes were superior for this purpose. i have to see for myself! it will be bittersweet to pick these tomatoes at the end of the season. i'm glad i'm still at the very sweet beginning.

and most importantly, today is the beginning of another beautiful and great thing. my new cousin ella louise was born today! somehow, although she is weeks early, i won the baby pool, guessing her sex, birthday and even the time (within the hour)! clearly i have been expecting her. i am so lucky today to experience all of this healthy new life. to beginnings!

first seedlings