i love you, hakka chili-anything

(and danforth dragon chili fries!)

danforth dragon chili fries

ok if you read my last entry you're not surprised that i love hakka food, but i have to specify, it's the "chili paneer" and the "chili pakoras" etc. on the menu that i keep going back for. hakka chili sauces usually have a thickened soy-sauce base from what i can tell, with sauteed onions and they're studded with lots of sliced green chilies. i'm working on mastering a home version and i hope to share that recipe soon. the sauce itself is failry mild-flavoured compared to say, a black bean sauce, and i like that it lets the sweet onions and the flavour of the green chili stand out. plus it seems the chilies and the sauce don't seem cook together that long, because it's not a super-hot sauce if you avoid the chilies. yet they're always there if you want to take your next mouthful to the next level.

my new favourite hakka chili dish, however, has no sauce at all. if you like green chilies like i do, and if like anyone with a pulse you love french fries, you might want to stop into danforth dragon for their "chili fries". this goes above and beyond the awesome use of green chilies in hakka food. the french fries are "stir-fried with chilies, onions and topped with corriander". a little over the top in a poutine sort of way, and a little bit of absolute heaven in the same way too. 

but don't get carried away like some fry-lovers in my house did…chilli fries with ketchup? not so much…

chili fries and...ketchup...