i love you, dry gin martinis

(no, like i really, really love you.)

gin martini at fresh in nb

dry, straight up, very cold, in a chilled glass, with olives. i only have them occasionally, if i'm somewhere where the gin is good and the preparation matches. 

i really enjoyed the one in the picture above, at fresh in new brunswick. the tiny restaurant is really a refurbished train car at the end of a small town–it still sits on tracks. it was so lovely to sip on a perfect martini in the early evening waiting for the delicious food that followed. 

a poorly made gin martini saddens me which is why i haven't attempted this at home in years. it should be simple, but none that i made ever really satisfied me. yet something in me must be willing to try again, because there's a new bottle of tanqueray no.10 sitting in my kitchen… hello, weekend project?