green chilies on the grill

the first time that i went to lahore tikka house and ate their already spicy pakistani food, my friend ordered a plate of chilies on the side. that’s kinda like asking for hot sauce to put on your hot sauce soup. i mean, i love heat but i was a little surprised that he ordered them and i stared at the plate of blackened peppers for…at least 5 seconds before diving in. right after i took that first searing bite, i understood. it was all about the taste. the chilies were still temperature hot, straight off the open flames, but they had all of thier fresh chili flavour, just a little sweeter, a little more mellow for being cooked. i barely made my way through a couple of them but i loved every bite.
with that meal in mind, i threw some chilies on the grill at our last barbeque. everyone had a taste and a few brave souls had much more, but most agreed there was something addictive about chilies cooked this way. if you’re a fan of all things spicy, i recommend trying this the next time you’re cooking on the grill. i bet even if you’re scared off at the first bite, you’ll be back for the second bite as soon as you’re able.
fire-roasted green chilies