i love you, pizza pide

pizza pide

you really have to look past the decor, and you probably have to make a special trip since there’s nothing around pizza pide that might put you in the immediate vicinity. but i will happily do both in order to get another taste of pizza pide some time soon. before going last weekend, i looked at their menu online and saw the pictures but it didnt’t really prepare me for the experience. for instance, i’d never tasted turkish pide bread before so i guess the word “pizza” had me imagining a chewier crust, even if it was thin. instead the pide crust was quite delicate, almost flaky. so even a small portion of toppings (in my case, spinach and feta) hits the right balance with the light base. it reminded me of a thin, open-faced spanokopita. but better. especially with shakers of chili powder, sumach and oregano on the table to dust on each slice–a perfect combo of spices for my pide. even i didn’t reach for the hot sauce on the counter (presumably intended for the actual pizza slice customers), and if you know me, that should tell you something. one order was enough to share with my dining partner, but i won’t make that mistake again. it’s too good to share. next time i iorder a pide it’s mine, all mine.