bacon, lettuce, avocado, tomato sandwich

when i first learned that someone had taken the b.l.t. to new heights, i simultaneously thought why didn't i think of that and what took them so long?? i really didn't think the b.l.t. needed to be anything other than it was, but one bite of this sandwich, and i realized that actually, the avocado was missing from this sandwich every time i ate an "a-less" "b.l.a.t." before.

this sandwich's strength lies in its richness, saltiness and fat. don't skimp. i used soy bacon for my veggie version, but whichever kind of bacon you use, fry it to medium crispness. i recommend slathering both slices of toast in mayonnaise, using a lettuce you love–wild arugula in this case, and sprinkling the ripe tomato slices with fresh pepper and maldon salt. try this and your b.l.t. days are history.

the makings of a b.l.a.t.