a random bite of bambi presszo


At a small spot in Budapest, on the Buda side and in a cafe that hasn’t changed since it opened in the 60s in occupation times, this is what the cool kids order. They sit on the patio of Bambi Presszo (coffee house) at small tables – the inside seems almost reserved for older regulars who are staying a while – and they smoke cigarettes and talk while they wait for their cheese toasts to be delivered with a squeeze bottle of ketchup. Then they make zig-zag lines of red over top and eat with their hands under a grey sky.

Or it was grey the afternoon I enjoyed this delight there.

For us, not able to order one up at a Presszo, I suggest that these be our new late night snack. For some of you, that’s an innocent “midnight” snack that wakes you up. But what I actually mean by that is “got home drunk, need something fatty to eat and all the pizza places have actually closed because it’s closer to dawn than midnight” snack. It’s not like you weren’t turning on an appliance to make a fried egg or frozen pierogies so I’m not steering you toward anything more dangerous. Still, I’m being mindful of your state of mind as I write this recipe.

bambi presszo

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