i love you, brickworks market


photo: my most recent haul from the brickworks market. 

i've only visited farmers' markets a handful of times this summer. it's sad. i find it harder to pop by them in my new location. and though i've only made it out to the brickworks market a couple of times this year, i'm grateful that i'm now close enough to it that i've finally explored it. i love it there.

like other farmer's markets in toronto, there's a healthy selection of ripe, healthy produce and products grown/crafted by passionate locals. and there's a greater quantity of organic produce than i've found at some other markets, which is important to me. also the vibe is great there. like really great. there's an air of discovery as everyone mills around, still poking, excited but slightly hesitant. perhaps because it's still relatively new, there's a feeling that we're all still realizing how great the brickworks is, with it's delicious and varied prepared food stalls, stunning views, kids gardening plots and beekeepers (love that!!) working from a hill on high while we benefit from their efforts below.

on my last visit i had a nice, unhurried conversation with ronald francis, purveyor of oikos which are sri lankan, single estate, fair trade teas. which is to say they are high quality teas. i took home a lovely black tea that really requires no milk and definitely no sugar. it has a natural sweetness and no tannic aftertaste, just like the chilled samples that ronald has on hand at his table. if you are visiting the brickworks, make sure to stop by and try one. i am definitely heading over for my sample early tomorrow.