i love you, hank’s mushroom sandwich

hank's mushroom sandwich

i'm blaming my iphone for this tiny, terrible picture, of a truely perfect sandwich, but at least you can make out some of the main components. the shitake mushrooms, smoked sheep's cheddar, minced roasted red peppers, spring greens and a killer (herbed? scallion?) mayo on hearty bread would have been enough. but those onions–thinly sliced, sweet and fried in a batter that manages to stay crisp till the last bite, make this this sandwich special. this is not the first time i've raved about a lunch from hank's but i'm going to go as far as to say that this might be my favourite sandwich EVER. so bad picture or not, i had to wrap up sandwich week with this one. 

the end. (hope you enjoyed it!)