i love you, lahore tikka house

lahore tikka spread...for two??

i swear that when the two of us were ordering this meal at lahore tikka house on monday, it seemed reasonable. i mean we planned to take a little to work for lunch the next day, so we picked two dishes each, oh and we'd need some regular rice and naan too. and then the food started to come and we realized we were thinking with our empty stomaches and not with any perspective at all.

mmm...roasted chiles!! al fresco dining at lahore tikka

and i still stopped the waiter and asked for one more thing as these waves of food were arriving–lahore's awesome, awesome roasted green chilies. they're slightly salty and not as hot as you might expect. i mean they are hot, but they aren't unbearable if you like chilies, and we finished them all. gobbled them down.

if you've ever been, you know visiting lahore tikka house on a summer evening is an experience even aside from the food. sitting outside under their canopy of coloured fabric, strung with little white lights is sort of magical. yet the atmosphere is totally laid back too–there's a communal dining feeling i get there because most of the parties are large and everyone always seems to be having a great time and feeding off the good mood. or maybe i'm just projecting, because being there always puts me in a good mood. the highly savoury, spicy, delicious food puts me over the top. 

first of many plates of lahore tikka goodness