a random sip of the one (in the only)

the one cafe

there's a cafe in my neighbourhood, the one, that's exactly the kind of cafe that everyone wants in their neighbourhood. it's attached to a little bar called the only, which is just the kind of bar that everyone would want in their neighbourhood.
the one serves a short list of coffee and related frothy concoctions, made from direct-to-farmer (the new fair-trade) beans. they also make a spicy chai latte and have a selection of about 20 red, green and black teas. my current favourite is a vanilla black tea with just some honey, no milk needed. 

and while i'm not big on sweet stuff, their fresh selection of baked treats is tempting, especially the poppyseed croissants that looked so good (like caviar oozing from it's folds) that i had to try one. next, i'll be focused on making my way through their new breakfast/lunch menu. 

but the real reason the only is a neighbourhood fave is the vibe. the decor is shabby-chic, dark (though the place itself is flooded with natural light) and very cozy. the regulars hang out on couches in the back, or work alone on laptops at small tables facing the bar. the staff sincerly welcomes you and after i showed some interest in their teas, have come out from behind the counter to have me smell their personal favourites. they like being there and as a result i really do too.