just roasted delicata squash with raw kale

somewhere between roasting and currying these pieces of delicata squash, i realized that not all squash was created equal. oh yes. it was when i was furiously licking the remains from the roasting tray. you can eat the thin skins of delicata squash, so i was scraping little bits of them off the tray where it stuck, and they were just as sweet and flavour-packed as caramelized onions. i mean the skin of this squash is tasty, people. and to think i only discovered this variety recently over a bowl of delicata squash soup. it’s probably always been around me but it never stood out. i was excited to learn that the skin is quite edible, and it reminded me of my family’s skin-on curried pumpkin. so i tried to replicate that curry last night, and added kale that was on hand. i expected it to work well, but i had no idea how delicious this squash would be. someone described the flavour as “sweet-corn tasting” which i thought was accurate, and that makes me want to make a roasted corn and delicata soup, or a succotash with it. or you know, roast it every single night, maybe 5 minutes too long, just to peel the browned skins off and drag them through the hot oil and salt left on the tray and chew them very slowly. that’s probably what will happen to at least half the squash the next time i’m making this curry.

roasted delicata squash curry with kale