dim sum and vampires

dim sum on the couch

i had big plans for october. i planned to have 3 new recipes up here–savoury, saucy ones perfect for fall. buuuut….that required a lot of recipe testing and a lot of cooking. aaaaand, basically, i’ve been feeling really lazy and haven’t been doing nearly as much work as i’d planned to (after my 9-5 work that is). you know what i have been doing a lot of? eating. and watching season 1 & 2 of true blood. and combining the two activities.

bbq "pork" buns 1 bbq "pork" buns 2

it’s a good thing that james and i don’t like many of the same shows, because we treat tv marathons together as the perfect excuse to pig out. take for example this little spread that james put out on a recent sunday afternoon spent watching sookie and bill the vampire’s relationship develop. this feast which could have fed four, was really just dim sum for two. i picked up lots of vegetarian/fake-meat frozen dim sum options the last time i was at TNT supermarket: bbq “pork” buns, taro pancakes, turnip and sesame cakes, chive dumplings. james decided we needed to try them all together, with the requisite 7 condiments (well, certain sauces go better with specific dim sum pieces, i agree). so we gorged on the feast the way those tacky vampires that bill had staying in his lair did on poor, stupid, vamp-loving humans. good times.

but we’re almost out of both dim sum and episodes. and i’m getting back to work. check back very soon for a polenta recipe creamier than sookie stackhouse’s skin.


fried turnip, taro pancakes and dumplings