dinner party prep talk

dinner party pep-talk…i mean, “prep” talk…

"chinese banquet" for johann's birthday

i don’t mind telling you, i feel a little tired–mentally. i am a planner, it’s in my nature. but at this moment, 5 days since the last 16-person party, 2 days until the next, and with one eye on the 24-person “holiday” family gathering next month (it’s james’ and my turn to host)…i’m feeling planned out. see? you feel tired just reading that right? wait, wait, let’s not get too worked up.

i mean, my cousin’s birthday party last weekend (hosted at my parent’s house, cooked largely by james and i) actually wasn’t hectic at all. all of the food was cooked and keeping warm in the oven before the guests arrived–not usually the case at our casual family gatherings. and as for the party this coming weekend, 90% of the groceries have been purchased already, and the seating strategy basically figured out. that’s not a seating chart, you understand, it’s a “how are people actually going to sit down and eat together” challenge.

by the way, this weekend’s party is a thanksgiving dinner! i was in nyc over the canadian thanksgiving weekend and i’m not about to skip over the holiday that basically wholly equates to cooking and eating with loved ones. so i’m tacking this year’s t-day onto the US t-weekend. it also gives me a chance to celebrate it with friends who usually have family events to attend over thanksgiving weekend. it’s a very mixed group of friends too–that’s really the thing i’m looking forward to the the most. people i love getting to know some other people i love. lots of friends and food. i’m very grateful for my good fortune. forgive my momentary slump, it’s over. i plan to enjoy every second of these celebrations. good times, here we come.

oh! honestly almost forgot to share a plan i’m really excited about. since it’s the season to combine eating with entertaining, all of the posts from now until the new year will focus on both too! expect party-worthy drinks, dishes, even some pretty details for the table–or for your guests to remember the night by. happy (somewhat belated) thanksgiving.