eating tooo much (as per usual)

happy birthday (let’s see how much we can eat in 72 hours)

james' bday spread

capping off a weekend of celebrations which included two rich dinners out at restaurants, with a spread of 10 sri lankan dishes, qualifies as gluttony, i'm pretty sure. did i mention the bottles of wine and shots of vodka? the last thing we needed today was to sit down to a lunch like this, but that's the way my family likes to show love for someone on their birthday. so james' b-day weekend ended with this spread and, or course, a cake.

fresh papadums, fried jackfruit cutlets curried tofu, fried potatoes

pickled chillies, carrots and shallots cashew curry

now i knew my parents and aunt were going to make some biryani, fried eggplant and potatoes–james' favourites. i should have known my aunt was going to make the jackfruit cutlets that he tosses back like kernels of popcorn. but i was still surprised to see freshly fried papadums, and…the other 5 dishes. i shouldn't have been but i was. i also shouldn't have polished off two plates in 15 minutes. but i did. le sigh. happy birthday, james. glad you were spoiled and you enjoyed the feasts. i'm going to pay for partying like it was my birthday too. trying to fit into clothes tomorrow morning for work is going to be fun.

biryani with fried cashews, cilantro and eggs