tempting: japanese food bloggers

zaru soba

this is the first of a new little feature on this blog that i've decided to call "tempting:" tempting blogs, cookbooks, recipes that i've found, and other cooking or eating-related cravings (plates, dining room decor, etc.). for this first post, i've rounded up 3 awesome japanese food blogs to share with you.

harris salat has a new book out, japanese hot pots, that i have to pick up soon. in the meantime, i learn so much from his amazing blog, the japanese food report,  like how to make perfect rice or several types of dashi–a post which, though it involves fish and i am not about to really put to use, was so interesting i read eagerly.

i was floored to see that makiko itoh has not one but two incredible sites: just hungry and its off-shoot, just bento. this step-by-step ongiri post had me hooked, but equally helpful are posts on how to make tofu and a miso primer (still need to read this thoroughly)!

i stumbled upon a blog by ngoc (who is vietnamese but blogs about bento boxes so i am including her in this post), cooking cute, when i was looking for the best way to season my wok. i found a great tutorial on cooking cute, with pictures, that took me through how to either season it on the stove or in the oven.she has other great tutorials on frying tofu and making gyoza.

mmm…totally gonna need some soft tofu and seaweed on soba noodles very soon…