chili salt: a would-be dinner party favour


i had this idea, that i would actually make party favours to give away to guests at my thanksgiving dinner party last weekend. some people make baked goods, but those people are magicians. you know i can’t bake. some people make flavoured oils and vinegars which are great giveaways but i came to this idea late and didn’t have the time to let things infuse. i liked the idea of flavoured sugars, except that i don’t love the sweet stuff as much as the spicy stuff, or the salty stuff…so spicy salt it would be! or as my dad said while he watched on quizzically as i whirred up chilies: “you’re giving them salt and pepper…?” well. yes, dad. if…if you want to put it that way. hmmm…

but it wasn’t just any “pepper”. i used my dwindling stash of butter chilies for this mix. i have yet to really share the glory that is the butter chili with you, but imagine a dried and fried chili with a pastry-like flakiness, with lots of heat but even more flavour. this was going to be a very tasty parting gift! …if only i’d remembered to actually give them away. only the two friends who hung around after the party when i finally remembered the favours got to take them home. so if you’re seeing me within the next few weeks, expect a little something.

if you’d like to make something similar to actually give to your guests, you can order butter chilies here, or use your favourite, quality dried chili. i suggest a teaspoon of chili powder (ground in a spice grinder–careful not to inhale the vapours!) mixed into every cup of medium or coarse grain sea salt. i think this is a great finishing spice for everything from pasta, stir-fries or curries to simple bread and butter! or mix it right into eggs before scrambling, sauces and…i know this sounds strange and i haven’t tried it yet, but what about…vanilla ice cream? i’m so trying that!