neapolitan eggs and potato rosti

sunday brunch at a restaurant. i felt like it had been a while. it’s always a nice thought as i wake up on weekend mornings, but i fear i’m sharing that same thought with about half a million other torontonians and that we’re all going to end up standing in the same line at my favourite spots. but strangely, when my friend and i walked into table 17 for brunch this past sunday, there was room to spare. and though they stayed steadily busy for the two hours that we lingered over our meal and mimosas, a line never formed. yet, restaurants just a few blocks east on queen are always bursting at the seams. why not here? it wasn’t due to prices or selection, and the decor is even nicer than the others without being stuffy in the least. oh well. don’t tell anyone, i don’t want things to change.

i usually order poached eggs with hollandaise for brunch, because like many, i’ve convinced myself that i just can’t make that at home. but this time i ordered something that i’ve made at home, recently even. but eggs poached in tomato sauce is not on every brunch menu and i think that’s why i went for it this time. the sauce tasted of vibrant, stewed tomatoes, basil and not much else that might otherwise take away from the eggs. on soft, fresh brioche slices, it was just the thing. that and the delicious potato rosti and those mimosas i talked about earlier. and the great company, of course. all the great things sunday brunch in the city is made of.