a random bite of radishes (and penny de los santos)

radishes, chili dressing and piave

i've drooled over penny de los santos' food photography in magazines, probably for years, unknowingly. she only came on my radar when her awesome spicy radish salad recipe was featured in a design*sponge blog post.

though she takes gorgeous photos of many subjects, she appears to be a foodie at heart. her food blog is stunning and based on this recipe, she's a killer cook too. her salad is perfect–even without my favourite french breakfast radishes. strangely, i have a radish, cheese and chili salad recipe of my own, but as you can see it's very different. i love mine in the summer when young, fresh spinach is everywhere. but penny's is perfect for winter when, well, i use hibernation-themed excuses to eat a salad that's very much about oil and cheese. which means it's luscious and so satisfying, and if eating a bowl of radishes doesn't sound tempting, believe me when i say that if you combine them with penny's garlic chili oil and a healthy serving of piave cheese (love this cheese!), you won't be able to stop eating them. 

penny's spicy radish salad