a random sip of emmet ray

drinks and snacks at the emmet ray

on saturday afternoon, my girlfriend and i went to the emmet ray for a drink. we like scotch but really don't know much about it, and that's where the kind owners of emmet ray step in. their scotch menu is extensive and they are passionate about the subject, so after a short but informative discussion, we went with the recommendation: the glenmorangie quinta ruban. it was described as smooth and a tiny bit sweet, and given my limited experience, i have a hard time explaining it further. except to say that i enjoyed it so much, that alone would have made me come back for another visit.

but that alone is not why i'll be back. i liked everything about the place; the owners seem so sweet, the bar is cozy (overall much darker than the bright picture i took would suggest), and look at the attention to details–you know that gets me every time. how cute was the table when our snacks arrived? if we didn't have somewhere else to be, we would have snuggled into that overstuffed couch for many hours, and scotches, more.