taco night and other recent feasts


i have been eating so much good food, drinking so much good wine, and experiencing so many great people and things that i barely have time to share it all here.

for instance, it’s been over a week since taco night. taco night! how could i not have shared taco night yet? probably because i hardly have any pictures to show for it. which probably has a lot to do with the two bottles of cava, 4 bottles of wine and some tequilla and beer that the six of us consumed in addition to the tacos. but forget the drinks, the highlight was the food: a potluck with fresh white tacos, fried beans, chorizo, grilled poblanos, seared jalepnos, fresh salsa and guacamole, warm, marinated olives, queso fresco and oaxaca cheese, and all kinds of hot sauces. and a bitter, crunchy radish salad that i’m still tweaking–it was a big hit so i hope to have the recipe up here next week.

since then, i had a really tasty dinner made by volunteers at the stop (a wonderful community food centre) when i checked out their dinner and movie night, ate the best pizzas at mangia & bevi, had a business lunch at great cooks on eight (who knew they served killer fries?), and you already know that i soaked up the sun and some sparkly at swirl. somehow, next week is shaping up to be even tastier. i promise to share what’s coming up next.

in the meantime, here’s one of the best things that came out of taco night. everyone got tired of me misplacing my wine and trying to steal theirs. i’ve never been a fan of wine glass charms until my friends came up with these ones–they grabbed saved twist ties from my kitchen and voila! wine charms with ominous warnings and other dark messages to scare away wine thieves like me. they worked.