brunch at mildred pierce

a random bite of brunch (mildred temple kitchen)

blueberry buttermilk pancakes

you can actually see what these pancakes taste like. they look as light as they were, that sweet syrup tasted golden, the whipped cream was both airy and rich. and i only had one bite. sweet breakfasts are not really my thing. this was my friend’s breakfast but that one bite has haunted me ever since. i definitely have to get the pancakes next time.

huevos monty roasted potatoes

you can’t see all of the goodness in my breakfast. hiding under that browned tortilla is a puree of refried black beans, sitting atop another crispy tortilla. perfectly fried eggs, creamy guacamole and a fresh salsa–delicious and the perfect match for my horseradish-spiked bloody mary.

mildred temple scones with sweet butter and preserves


but the very best thing i ate at mildred’s temple kitchen on this day were the scones. oh my god, the scones. with the sweet butter? the best scones i have ever had. i’m no scone expert but i’m pretty sure that even sconeologists would concur. best ever. trust us. try them.