fifth town cheese

i’ve been a fan of fifth town cheese ever since i tried their “lemon fetish” cheese at a farmer’s market last summer. the seller told me that it was great shaved over vegetables. i think i’ve made a dinner out of roasted beans, nuts and shavings of that tart, fresh goat cheese at least five times since. being in their ‘hood (prince edward county) this past week, i stalked talked my way onto their premises even on a day that their store wasn’t actually open. they kindly let me in and introduced me to my new favourite of theirs, “cape vessey”. it reminds me of my beloved la sauvagine–as creamy and powerful and, i could tell already from one taste, as hard to resist. i bought two shares in anticipation of that. i got some goat cheese curds…’cuz have you ever made poutine with those?? and i also some of their milder but slightly briny “petal luna” with flower petals–weird but it works! kinda fancy, huh? that one’s for special occasions. like thursday nights at 11pm.