veggie pickle

mushroom and farro ragu with heirloom radish and popcorn shoots 

there's a little supper club called secret pickle. it's standard in some ways: set menu, set price; it's different in others: same stunning location for each one, and although it's relatively new, the chef already decided to do an entirely vegetarian tasting. lucky, lucky me.

the fair trade jewellery co. dining room goat cheese cheesecake with beet salad the chefs prepping 

you couldn't pick a more perfect backdrop than the gorgeous fair trade jewellery co. space, with a long narrow room that actually made a table of more than 30 feel small and intimate. stunning. god, i want that wall in my own dining room! and then the food came out and it was just as beautiful. plus you could eat it. so it won.

there was a lemon course, that on paper sounded interesting, and on the plate was so good that i wanted to swap more of it for the 3 courses to come. then the mushroom and farro ragout was my favourite, each wine was better than the last, and i wanted more of the goat cheese cheesecake even though i don't care for dessert. i did wish the portions and the pours were slightly larger. but even that aside, i was left wanting more. 

oh yeah, and on the way out, there were pickle slices for the taking. tart and savory rosemary pickled cucumber slices, of course. 

cauliflower ravioli in cocoa pasta