mom's fattoush salad

mother’s day and meal-musing

mom's fattoush salad herb pesto baguette  potato, leek and arugula soup with fried shallots

pictured above, the dinner my mother made last week when she knew james and i were coming by one night. it consisted of a modified fattoush salad, complete with oven-toasted pita chips, a thick potato, leek and arugula soup (hands down the best soup i’ve had in recent memory), with fried shallots and a baguette warmed and slathered with an herb pesto she’d made.

the last time my aunt came over to our place, she brought half the meal. it was sri lankan new year and it was assumed the experts would provide the spread. but she also took the time to hand-make dozens of vegetable-filled rolls, that are double-breaded and fried, because they are a favourite of mine and james. she fried them in small batches along with the papadums she brought for the meal, on the tiny stove in her apartment.

this weekend, james and i are taking them both to dim sum for mother’s day. sure, they love dim sum. and it’s a weekend packed with several family commitments–no time to cook, they agree. still, it seems woefully inadequate to me. but really, what am i ever going to do to even the scales? how can i return a lifetime of alternatively lip-smacking and immediately comforting meals? one meal at a time, i guess. dim sum gods, this one is in your hands. but i think james and i are hosting the next excuse for a family feast. or two.

happy mother’s day to all of you who are celebrating. i hope you and your families eat well this weekend.