sesame quinoa and dumplings

weeknight cooking: sesame quinoa, hazelnut-crusted chèvre toasts, nori wraps

sesame quinoa and dumplings

i’ve been getting inspired by so many great food blogs this week–i love the posts that make me feel more connected to the authors. i love how the simple “what i’m eating right now” posts give me insights into that person’s life–their week really, and it’s great to relate to their passion and also their hectic lives. that connection is a huge part of what i love about food and cooking, which prompted me to, well, copy them. thus, a new regular-ish feature on my blog: weeknight cooking.

a few nights of the week are dedicated to making, re-making, shooting and eating the now-cold food that results from recipe-testing. yay. i love it but the reality is that it’s a ton of work and we eat late a lot. but, every other night of the week is devoted to keeping it simple (we all try, right?), and still always eating well. i like food way too much to eat something that’s not satisfying. james is a good cook and loves to eat well too–a sincere “yay!” this time.

though we usually share kitchen duties, there’s a twist for the month of may. he’s working on some projects that he needs to keep his weeknights free for. we’ve decided that i will be in charge of dinners every weeknight that we’re home (!), in exchange for him picking up a bunch of household chores–ones we normally share and i always loathe. we both like this agreement in theory…let’s see how we feel in two weeks.

what’s for dinner:

  • last night: sesame, celery and mushroom quinoa, frozen (store-bought) dumplings and stir-fried greens. i accidentally used three times as much sesame oil in the quinoa than i intended to. surprisingly, it didn’t ruin the dish. it just went from a healthy meal to one i need to work off. hmmm. i just realized how quickly you’re about to learn about how frequent, ridiculous and big my kitchen disasters are through these “weeknight cooking” posts…
  • on sunday i made a soup from all kinds of dried beans and lentils, and i threw in an entire bunch of curly kale in the last 15 minutes, torn. we like kale that much. it was a lot of soup, with lunch leftovers for two days.i do that sometimes when i know we’ll be eating out one night during the week, because we both take leftovers for lunch as much as possible. buying lunch at work is usually expensive and often not nearly as tasty as dinner leftovers anyway, don’t you think?
  • tonight–out for pizza! so yes, i’m having some of that soup for lunch tomorrow.
  • tomorrow i’m doing some recipe-testing–maybe even testing two in one night. a pasta with artichokes for sure, and maybe just the cheese part of the hazelnut-crusted chèvre toasts recipe? more calories to work off. you realize none of these are actually being worked off at this point, right?
  • thursday: nori wraps. raw nori wraps! i will probably burn calories just eating those. they’re easy, so i will have time to work on posts. james doesn’t like these. see what happens when someone else is in charge of dinner?
  • friday, dinner plans again and then two events this weekend, so no cooking except for breakfasts maybe. that’s you-know-who’s domain anyway.

enough about me. what are you making? tonight? this week? tell me your favourite thing you’re making for dinner, or how you screwed up the quinoa best thing you were making.