Mother's Dumplings

a random bite of mother’s dumplings

Mother's dumplings

wow. i just realized it’s only been 3 days since my first visit to mother’s dumplings. that means i’ve thought about when i can go back an average of 4 times a day since then. and almost as soon as i go back, i’m probably going to have to plan another visit because i know what’s going to happen. i will order the exact same thing when i return: chive and noodle boiled dumplings, the bok choy, mushroom and tofu steamed dumplings, and the scallion pancake–to get that craving out of my system. but then i’ll be in the same situation where i’m still wondering about the da-lu noodle soup that everyone says is really good, and all of the sides i never got to try.

i always have frozen dumplings on hand at home and they’re always good. but these fresh, hand-rolled dumplings, made to order are in a different league–no surprise. made with skill, and also with a smile, they’re totally satisfying and nourishing, and deserve to be lingered over. i like mine with a light drizzle of vinegar, a quick dip into chili oil and once in a while, a splash of soy sauce. except i saw on their menu that you can order plain soup to have your dumplings with which would be nice too… hmmm.