dinner party leftovers

we hosted some very lovely guests last friday. we sat outside and dined under a setting sun and then a couple of stars. and then under the watchful stare of brazen, and frankly rude racoons. but back to the guests. they were so generous that they left behind amazing wines that we never had a chance to tap into. i plan to open one of the bottles tonight. thankfully, they did not leave behind many leftovers–they seemed to enjoy the food very much. but there were just enough leftovers to make a nice breakfast the next morning, topped with a fried egg.

the recipe for the deviled eggplant i served that night is coming up soon. but first up will be the recipe for the green curry leaf sambol that you see above, which no one could seem to get enough of. made by yours truly? no. by my dad. i may be a decent cook, readers, but honestly, that sambol was the hit of the evening. my dad has promised to make the sambol with me this weekend so i can share it with you. i’m excited to learn the recipe and make a batch with the creator himself–i hardly ever get to cook with my dad! stay tuned.