gerrard spaghetti house pizza

hot pizza, hotter chili oil and cold beer.

gerrard spaghetti house pizza

need i say more?


ok yes, because you may look at this picture and not get that this is not the thin-crust, naples-esque pizza that everyone’s talking about these days (which i also enjoy). the dough at gerrard spaghetti house is substantial and chewy and holds a lot of toppings. i like that because sometimes, i like lots of toppings.

the second thing i love about this pizza is the very stringy cheese. there’s something about lifting up a slice that’s holding onto it’s neighbours by three or four wide gooey strands that ups the excitement of the whole experience, right?

plus these pizzas land at the centre of your table on those simple metal pizza pedestals and that novelty never wears off for me. it reminds me of eating at lombardi’s in new york, and also of being a kid and wishing i was eating at the pizzeria on whatever sitcom i was watching.

the heat from chili oil is slow and after being allowed to slide around the toppings, mixed right into each bite. the beer, quite simply, was ice cold.

a perfect pizza moment on a very humid friday night.