what i’m cooking: fried chickpeas, parsley soup, grilled vegetables with paprika oil

fried chickpeas with curry leaves

it’s been so busy lately that i’ve been feeling like eating dinner out more often. not because i need a break from cooking, but because i keep telling myself i deserve a reward. ha! but i still managed to make a few dinners at home, and even if i don’t always feel like it, i’m always glad when i do.

what’s for dinner:

  • on wednesday i brought my fried chickpeasto the filming of a lifford wine video! we had so much fun talking about wine and food pairing, and i was happy to bring something to share. i made the recipe without coconut, since i didn’t have any on hand, and with less chilies than i would normally use, to make sure everyone could enjoy them. they were a hit!
  • on thursday and friday i was out…saturday dinner at a friend’s house! but i cooked a dinner-worthy meal during the day on saturday: stir-fried broccoli and my favourite spicy tofu which i hadn’t made in ages. this time i tried it with soft tofu and dark soy sauce, and while it was good, the original version is still the best way to make it. the sauce that the silken tofu makes as it inevitably breaks up really makes that dish.
  • tonight james is in the kitchen making rachel’s parsley soup. it’s been less than a week since we made it last and we love it. it’s so easy so it’s great to make after being out all day. plus it’s positively pouring rain outside, so this soup and a small hunk of bread is a very appropriate dinner.
  • tomorrow: back to the grill! it’s been too long, we need to char some things. i think halloumi, zucchini and radishes on skewers, and maybe some thin potato slices. i’ve been trying to find a reason to make another batch of paprika oil…i think i might marinate the potato slices in it before grilling them, or use it as a dip for the skewers.
  • there’s also a bunch of cilantro in my fridge that needs to be used. my favourite way to do that is to chop the whole bunch and throw it onto linguine that’s been cooked and tossed in chili and garlic-spiked olive oil. a sprinkle of maldon salt and the pasta needs nothing else.

fairly simple meals leading up to the canada day long weekend! i can’t wait. what are you cooking so far this summer? tell me about all the strawberries you’re eating and make me jealous enough to get myself to the market next weekend!